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Thirty Years of Rain is coming…

No, I’m not heralding a damp alternative to GoT ‘winter is coming’. Thirty Years of Rain is the title of the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle 30th Anniversary anthology which is coming out shortly. I’ll let the editors Elaine Gallagher, Cameron Johnston and Neil Williamson announce all of the details themselves but needless to say, I manage to wrangle a spot in this anthology and am very excited by the table of contents.

To think I was 2 years old when Duncan Lunan and co founded the group! The array of writers who have passed through the doors is incredible, and I don’t think I realised how unusual it was to have so many well-respected and published authors in one group. It’s funny looking back and wondering how I had the nerve to keep coming back as a triple minority of being young, female and non-White. But as much as the hard SF pub talk went over my head (and still does), I never felt unwelcome in the circle. They pushed and encouraged me to write. They gave me solid critiques and the backbone to handle criticism. And then someone always bought me a drink in the pub afterwards.

Incidentally, before the anthology launches, if you are keen to read some short stories by Scotland’s finest, then Neil’s newest short story collection Secret Language was recently launched in June this year by Newcon press.

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