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Sirens: Release Day!



Today is the Sirens anthology release day. My hard-boiled PI short story “One More Song” features in it. I never thought I would combine my love of Raymond Chandler and Humphrey Bogart with the Little Mermaid and British folklore, but I did. And managed to get some sushi in there because… yum. This story is vaguely related but much evolved from  “The Water Museum” published by Holdfast Magazine earlier in the year.

Hooray for amazing editor Rhonda Parrish . I have never worked with an editor who has done so much publicity for an anthology and she has been brilliant to work with.

In case you are too lazy to scroll down, the table of contents is:

  1.  Siren Seeking by Kelly Sandoval

  2. The Fisherman and the Golem by Amanda Kespohl 

  3. We Are Sirens by L.S. Johnson

  4. Moth to an Old Flame by Pat Flewwelling

  5. The Bounty by Gabriel F. Cuellar

  6. The Dolphin Riders by Randall G. Arnold

  7. Is This Seat Taken? by Micheal Leonberger 

  8. Nautilus by V. F. LeSann 

  9. Siren’s Odyssey by Tamsin Showbrook

  10. Safe Waters by Simon Kewin  

  11. Notefisher by Cat McDonald 

  12. Experience by Sandra Wickham

  13. Threshold by K.T. Ivanrest 

  14. The Fisherman’s Catch by Adam L. Bealby 

  15. One More Song by Eliza Chan 

  16. Homecoming by Tabitha Lord

We already have some favourable reviews:

“Poignant, diverse, and enthralling: this new volume in the Magical Menagerie series evokes the majesty of sirens, from the traditional deep sea variety of Greek mythology to those that entice sailors of deep space to ones who scan modern dating sites with wistful hopes for a good match. I could not stop reading.”—Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger
“Like its titular subject, Sirens drags you in with promises of beauty and mystery and then refuses to let go. You tear yourself away from the pages just long enough to note that it’s two in the morning before deciding to read just one more tale…Sirens is a fantastic voyage that tosses the reader up on many a strange-yet-familiar shore. Listen to the unique voices of each story. They’re worth the risk of drowning.”—Amber E. Scott, author of Chronicle of the Righteous and Siege of Dragonspear

You can get your copy of this anthology from all the major online booksellers:

Directly from World Weaver Press

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble


There’s also lots of fascinated relate blog posts and other goodies hosting across a variety of websites,  which I’ll link to when I know more!

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