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Reviewing the Monsters


Most squee-worthy for me, the Mithila Review reviewed the anthology and featured my story “Datsue-ba” as a reprint, alongside the nightmare inducing (in a good way) artwork by Kieran Walsh.

“Eliza Chan’s ‘Datsue-Ba,’ which appears in this issue of Mithila Review, encapsulates some of the major themes in the volume – love, loss and ageing. “

It was a real pleasure to be asked if they could have my story as a reprint and have it seen by a wider audience. Mithila Review are devoted to international and diverse science fiction and fantasy and I have a great deal of respect for their message. They have a Patreon drive right now!

Future Fire interviewed Margret Helgadottir, Isabel Yap, Eve Shi and Yukimi Ogawa. They also gave a review of the anthology here. 

“All in all, however, Asian Monsters is a great collection of stories featuring a delicious bestiary of lesser known monsters. It takes us from the forests of ancient China to the streets of war-torn Pakistan, and its monsters are as old as the hill and as young as urban legends.”

The Asian Literary Review interviewed Margret and reprinted Isabel Yap’s “Grass Cradle, Glass Lullaby” and Eve Shi’s “Blood Like Water”.

A Fantastical Librarian reviewed the anthology here.  On my story they comment:

“The monster in this story wasn’t so much a monster as a spirit of judgement. And I really enjoyed the way the plot unfolded between the protagonist, her partner and Datsue-Ba, how she appeared to both of them differently and the eventual decision she makes.”

Shona Kinsella reviewed it also.

“All of the stories are captivating and well written and all give a glimpse of Asian folklore and culture. I suspect that I will return to this book many times in the future, finding something new with each visit.”

And The Asian writer interviewed Margret, Sunil Patel and Usman T. Malik

And that’s it! So far… 😀

I do urge you to buy the book from here or here. Small presses are amazing for giving a newer writer a break but they often don’t make a profit, or even break even. Support them whenever you can so that diverse and exciting new stories get published. I’m looking forward to Pacific Monsters and beyond. 

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