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Rain, Monsters & Holding on


Look at this beauty!  The Glasgow SF Writing Group’s 30 year anniversary anthology,  30 Years of Rain,  was double launched at British Fantasy Con in Scarborough then  Waterstones in Glasgow last month.  I finally have my hands on my contributor’s copy  and it’s gorgeous.  You too can get your copy from  Lulu or Amazon UK or US. If you are looking for a writing group in the Glasgow area then these guys are the best around. Several successfully published novelists, tonnes of short story writers, many heavily involved in the editing and publishing side of the industry and all of them up for a debating about the best Doctor or the physics of Logan’s Run into the wee hours.

In other news the Table of Contents for Fox Spirit’s Asian Monsters anthology was released in September. Margret Helgadottir was my editor  on the Winter Tales anthology and I was ecstatic when she invited me to submit for Asian Monsters. My Datsue-ba Japanese tale is in one of the most impressive ToC I’ve ever beeen in. I recognised more than half the names without googling and some are essentially my writing heroes when it comes to writing about Asian culture and mythology in English spec fic.

Asian Monsters- ed. Margret Helgadottir, pub Fox Spirit.

Table of Contents

Xia Jia: ‘A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight’ (translated by Ken Liu)

Ken Liu: ‘Good Hunting’

Eve Shi: ‘Blood Like Water’

Usman T. Malik: ‘Blood Women’

Aliette le Bodard: ‘Golden Lilies’

Isabel Yap: ‘Grass Cradle, Glass Lullaby’

Benjamin Chee: ‘Unrestful’

Eliza Chan: ‘Datsue-Ba’

Eeleen Lee: ‘Let Her In’

CY Yan: ‘The Poacher of Qingqiu’

Fran Terminello: ‘Aswang’

Sunil Patel: ‘The Vetalas’ Query’

Yukimi Ogawa: ‘Kokuri’s Palace’

Vajra Chandrasekera and Dave Johnson (art): ‘Vikurthimagga’

The book will have illustrations by Cindy Mochizuki, Vincent Holland-Keen, Kieran Walsh and Imran Siddiq.

I just finished reading Ken Liu’s The Paper Menagerie short story collection and I swear every third story made me cry. He is a remarkable wordsmith and speaks to my Chinese overseas sentiments so much. If you haven’t read the multiaward winning title story, The Paper Menagerie, drop everything and read it now. I mean NOW. I need to get his silkpunk novel The Grace of King which has only this week been optioned for a film franchise!

Isabel Yap’s short stories have been on my radar since reading her superbly different take on kappas in A Cup of Salt Tears and her manananggal tale Good Girls. Her stories haunt and stay with me for days.

Does the award-winning, multitasking, gourmet-cooking Aliette de Boddard even need an introduction? When I am tired and feel like I have too much on, I remind myself that Aliette de Bodard has finished another novel even with a baby and toddler in tow and all I’ve done is watch the Bake-off. Looking forward to the follow-up to The House of Shattered Wings, The House of Binding Thorns, which will be out next year.

Meanwhile Holdfast managed to fund their Indiegogo campaign so my short story The Water Museum will be in their second annual anthology. More details on that when I know them!

Phew, and there  I was thinking things has slowed down!

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