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Other Mothers and peculiar lovers

Three Crows Magazine have made my short story "Knowing Your Type" free to read on their website. This story is hard to describe without giving the game away! One reviewer called it "an unsettling but grimly satisfying story of sexism, revenge (of a sort) and strangely creepy teddy bears". I call it a cathartic response to yellow fever. Please have a read, it's only 4000 words.

"The cookie was good. It tasted of fervour and anticipation. A little too sweet for his liking but she could be taught, she definitely could be worked on."

This month I've also got a new narration out. I've previously narrated for Cast of Wonders and Podcastle, but this week I made my Pseudopod narration debut. A classic Victorian children's morality tale , "The New Mother" by Lucy Clifford directly inspired Neil Gaiman's "Coraline" and was a corker of a story to read.

“If we were very, very, very naughty, and wouldn’t be good, what then?” “Then, I should have to go away and leave you, and to send home a new mother, with glass eyes and wooden tail.”

"The New Mother" was so much fun to read, from the Victorian style to the ratcheting tension and the added sounded effects by audio producer Chelsea Davis made it all the more rivetting. Go have a listen if yo have a spare half an hour.

I also read Effie Seiberg's "In Regards to Your Concerns About Your Scare BnB Experience" for Pseudopod live at Fantasycon in Glasgow alongside Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner and this should be available via their Patreon.

A shout out to the The Gollancz and Rivers of London BAME SFF Award which launched earlier in the year. Submissions are now OPEN until the end of January 2020 to get a cash prize AND year-long mentorship. I doubt I have any influence over any up and coming writers but if by some strange fluke, you have stumbled on my website and you qualify, I strongly encourage you to submit. Don't self-reject! Don't think it's for more established writers. As long as you live in the UK and are a person of colour: it's for you. Even if you have never pressed SEND on a submission before, be brave. Even if all of your writing has been fanfic, scribbled on the back of receipts or just in your Pathfinder sessions with friends: you have over two months to polish it into a story. I believe in you. I want to hear your story, all our stories. I know we are out there, so let's do this. :D

That's all for now. Happy reading and writing!

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