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One More Song – Podcastle


Artwork by Yuumei (Podcastle, Artemis Rising 5)

My short story “One More Song” was reprinted today in Podcastle as part of Artemis Rising 5. This story was originally written for World Weaver Press’s Sirens anthology (editor Rhonda Parrish) back in 2016 and the world has stayed with me ever since. 

I am pleased beyond words for several reasons. Firstly, I’ve been trying to crack Podcastle for a few years now ever since I started listening to their wonderfully produced weekly podcasts.  When Escape Artists revealed the artwork by Yuumei on the 1st of March I did a double take. I know, I’m not so egotistical to think they chose this artwork because of my story, but it could be. And that was enough for me. 🙂

Artemis Rising is a month long event across the four Escape Artists podcasts highlighting marginalised genders and sexes. I think of all the stories I’ve written, this one best fits the bill. Mira, by her own words  is “not the one who needs protecting”. Instead she is Lauren Bacall wearing Humphrey Bogart’s trenchcoat, putting up her middle finger to every trope about femme fatales and sirens there is in the book.

Then there is the fact “One More Song” is pivotal in propelling me into my current novel-in-progress. I have expanded the semi-submerged urban dystopia that Mira lives in but kept every inch of prejudice, alienation and hurt. Hearing this seed story so many years after writing it really made me thing there’s something worthwhile in there and I need to keep on going.

And lastly there’s the amazing job Sofia Quintero did on the narration. I asked for urban and street smart and didn’t really know what I’d get. What I got was gritty, punctuating the curse words I forgot I put in there, and raw. So raw. I love it and I hope you do too.

Now don’t mind me whilst I happy dance around my living room whilst pretending I’m all dark and broody.

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