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Monomyth Magazine

Received in the post this morning my contributor’s copy of Monomyth Magazine, Volume 11.1, Issue 49 featuring my short story “Writing the Happily Ever After”.

“The third suitor knew he would succeed because, in fairytales, the rules of three always apply. He was slow to realise that this wasn’t quite a normal fairytale.”

“Writing the Happily Ever After” is a metafictional satire playing fairy tales against urban Glasgow.

“The reader isn’t going to let this go on indefinitely. There needs to be some sort of climax, confrontation and resolution.”

This short story was inspired by Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Inspector Hound”, missing Glasgow when I was overseas and my love of fairy tales and their various rules. You can buy your copy from the Atlantean Publishing website.

“Hallowe’en is not for two months, ya poofter! Why are you wearing tights?”

(Quotes from “Writing the Happily Ever After” published in Monomyth Magazine, Atlantean Publishing.)

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