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Long overdue update

This blog has been sorely neglected due to a wedding, a postgraduate degree and finding things like Twitter are so much faster. I decided last night that this should be rectified for a number of reasons. Foremost in my mind was finding another blog, from a stranger, not at all affiliated with myself or any of the publications I’ve been in (to my knowledge), stating they were a “fan” of my work. For any writer that is the ultimate praise. And for someone like me who only produces a handful of short stories a year at most, it was really motivating and inspiring to read that. It made me realise that people do read my work, even if most of them don’t bother to comment on it. And more than that, that some people enjoy my work. How crazy is that? I am determined on the back of this, to finish more stories this year.

At the moment I’m working on three very different stories all inspired by the Manchester Speculative Fiction writing groups anthology,  RevolutionsSubmissions are open to all as long as they are linked to Manchester (UK) and speculative in some shape or form. It’s a paying marking so I highly encourage others to submit! My three stories are all partially written and I have a terrible habit of having a brilliant idea but no way of resolving it. They are also in three of my favourite and very different styles: literary, non-fiction-like, and folklore.  I joined the Man Spec Fic group since moving to Manchester last September. I continue to be impressed by the quality of work from the regular members across both SF and F genres and it’s a real dynamic and motivational group for bouncing ideas off each other.

Other news in the world of writing is that Lontar, in which my story the Floating Market, was published last year, is on the Locus Awards Ballot for Best Magazine or Fanzine. This is exciting as it’s only had 3 issues so far and whilst it’s competing against some of the big names in the industry, everyone starts somewhere.  This also mean the Floating Market can be nominated for best short story in the Locus Awards so if you’ve read it and liked it, please consider voting. 

Self-aggrandisement moment over for now. I have been following a lot of Asian Spec Fic authors on twitter and it’s brilliant to see others out there really making a name for themselves. For so long, no matter what city or country I’ve lived in, I’ve been a huge minority in Spec Fic both as a woman and an ethnic minority. The brilliant thing about the internet is realising I am not alone. Names like Ken Liu, Aliette Bolard, Wesley Chu and Joyce Chang are making headway and inspiring people like me to keep writing the things I do.

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