• Eliza Chan

Knowing Your Type


My story “Knowing Your Type” has been published in issue 4 of Three Crows Magazine  and will also been included in their year one anthology (preorder here).  With stories by Anna Spark Smith, RJ Baker, Monica Wang , Michael Kellichner and others, I am very excited to be part of this.

“Going to the fair was always a winning date. Knock a few cans over, win an oversized lumpy teddy and suddenly he was a hero. And so inspired, original for not taking them to a restaurant or a bar. Women were always easy to impress.”

My little story was written  in response to an art gallery image I saw on Twitter that haunted me. Believe me, I have tried to find said image but it seems to have disappeared  and now I have started to wonder if I imagined the whole thing. There’s another more obvious thing that “Knowing Your Type” is a response to, but you really need to read the story to get to the bottom of that one. 🙂

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