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I want one. Preferably for Christmas. Will take the wi-fi over the 3G version.

I of course was at the forefront of Kindle-scoffers when they were first released. I lived in the second-hand bookshops of Otago Lane, the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, the Oxfam bookshop on Byres Road and countless others. The toppling towers of uncategorised books didn’t do it for me but the smell of old paper, an affable, grey-haired owner and some European students working the till as a part-time job definitely did.

I was a weird child. I could read books without leaving a single crack in the spine (to the point I considered taking them back to the shop and getting a full  refund but I never had the guts to). I wanted the library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and the reading speed of Johnny-5. I have speculated many a time, how long it would take me to read every single book in the Sauchiehall Street Waterstones.

But travelling changes you. You learn to let go of possessions, that in fact, giving them away is less complicated than trying to ship them halfway around the world. That most books you will never re-read or even remember (I have made the mistake of buying a book I had already read). You also learn that things, books in particular, are heavy bulky objects that don’t go well with the minimalist attitude of backpacking.

Then I saw a friend’s Kindle and it was a thing of beauty. So, I’m resolved to go home and sort those 6 boxes of books into 1. And if Santa’s reading this… 🙂

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