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Insignia Volume 3 released

insignia cover

My short story “Spirit of Regret” was published this month in volume 3 of Insignia. This is an ebook series of Asian fantasy anthologies. Book 3 focuses on South-East Asian fantasy and also features short stories by Joyce Chng and Celestine Trinidad.

“Spirit of Regret” is set in modern Vietnam and inspired by the endless coffee and yoghurt shops I frequented and people-watched in during my 3 months living in Ho Chi Minh.

Table of Contents:

PART I:  Adventure / Folktales

‘Horse Feet’ by Celestine Trinidad

‘The Third Eye’ by Sheenah Freitas

‘Interlude’ by Eve Shi

‘The Island’ by Melvin Yong

PART II: Adult / Literary Tales

‘Running from Shadows’ by Joyce Chng

‘Never Seen’ by Kelly Matsuura

‘Spirit of Regret’ by Eliza Chan

The anthology is currently on Amazon UK for a less than the price of a lottery ticket so go ahead and pick it up. It is also available on other online bookshops.

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