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Guest blogging and Scottish swearing


So with the Sirens antho released this week, there’s been a flurry of guest blogs and activity.  Here’s a quick update about what’s being going on.

The anthology editor Rhonda Parrish has hosted a series of guest blogs from contributors on topics as varied as the mythology of sirens to discovering horror movies as a child. My own contribution is on the drama in Japanese dramas (tropetastic guilty pleasures).

I also did another post featured on Laura VanArendonk Baugh‘s website on sirens being the femme fatales of folklore.

And finally contributor Cat McDonald came up with the ingenious idea of doing a launchcast since we can’t all physically be in the same room to launch the anthology. She and Rhonda have some great conversations about how the anthology came about and there’s lots of delicious readings. Scroll to the bottom of Rhonda’s blog post here and have a listen. If you are in a rush,my intro and reading from ‘One More Song’ starts at 48 minutes in.  Warning NSFW- swearing in a Scottish accent!

Also there’s been good reviews from ARC so far but my favourite has to be Stephanie A Cain’s:

“One More Song” by Eliza Chan is a gorgeous fantasy/noir story about Mira, a siren PI in a semi-submerged alternate world where sea people are “out” to humanity. It has such a great blend of complex world-building and subtle social commentary that I found myself hoping there are more stories set in this world. From kappas to water dragons, from sirens to sleazy businessmen, this story is full of three-dimensional characters, so I’m sure there are more stories just waiting to be told.

Glad she enjoyed it and hope you do too! Available from Amazon and other online bookshops.

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