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I wrote up my general feelings for BSFA’s vector and you can read it here.  On a more personal note, I was overwhelmed by everyone whom I met last year greeting me with joy and warmth. And they introduced me to even more lovely people and wow, I get it now, this feeling of family! Being a writer is very lonely, and being a geek genre writer doubly so. My formative years were very much around being embarrassed that I liked reading fantasy, and then when I found other geeks, constantly having to “prove” my geek credentials or tackling the awkward advances of what was an inevitably male fandom. Fantasycon had none of that. I can’t speak for everyone but I had conversations that were never condescending, talked with people of all gendered and enjoyed frank conversations with the growing minority of people from different cultural backgrounds. It was wonderful.

So with all these positive vibes,  I’ve been furiously subplotting and novel. I’m not going to commit to NaNoWriMo this year, mainly because I don’t think I can handle it. That isn’t to say I can’t enjoy the vibes and motivation that comes with the movement and hats off to anyone who does try it. It’s grueling! Instead I’m aiming to break 50k on the novel before the end of the year. Gambarimasu! <(‘o’)>

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