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Five months into 2020

So we thought 2019 was a tricky year, until we met 2020. It has been a rough ride for all of us so I won't exactly go on and on about how it has been especially difficult for me. It hasn't. It has been probably a moderate level of anxiety inducing, working from home, refreshing the news and getting video call fatigue as everyone else reading this.

And that has taken a massive toll on my ability to write.

People keep saying it's okay, that we need to be more forgiving towards ourselves. I myself have given that advice out readily to friends. It's just always more difficult to take the same advice for yourself. Especially when social media is full of people firing out first drafts, or finishing several short stories whilst sewing face masks, homeschooling three kids and baking sourdough every other day. We shouldn't compare. Regardless of where we are in the world and how vulnerable or not, we will not be handling this pandemic in the same way. So I'm taking a little social media break for at least a month. There are things I definitely want to do, and things I would like to do. I'm going to focus on those for a little while.

I'm sure you won't miss me but in case you do, I do have one piece of writing news I can share. My story Joss Papers for Porcelain Ghosts will be reprinted in Best of British Fantasy 2019 edited by Jared Shurin. It's available for preorder now in paperback or limited edition hardback also via the Newcon Press website. This is my first ever Best Of... anthology and I'm really honoured to be included in the table of contents which includes some impressive names such as Kirsty Logan, Natalia Theodoridou and Tim Major amongst others. I also found my second story of 2019 Knowing Your Type in the recommended reading list also.

Other than that, I would like to say I'm hard at work editing my novel ready for submission following beta reader feedback. What I will say is that I'm getting close to being ready to edit the novel for submission. I've been able to do writing adjacent work such as updating this website, giving feedback to other writers, reading and pottering with short stories. Right now I have decided to be kind to myself and see that as progress. That I will get there eventually, but that self-flagellation is not what's going to work right now.

I hope you are all being kind to yourselves too.

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