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Fantasycon in Chester

Things have been quiet on here this year as I am mainly working on the first draft of my novel. I’m about 30,000 words in and it’s a beast of burden: so different to writing short stories, so much planning and pushing through the mediocre draft and constantly changing world-building. I’m enjoying the world-building more than I thought and although my original concept was more dystopian but Earth-based, it may evolve into its own secondary world at this rate. What I’m struggling with is slowly developing characters in a way that is a bit more natural than one set scene to the next. It’s definitely a learning experience!

But here’s a little bit of news: Fantasycon is next week and I enjoyed it so much last year that I’m going again! It’s in Chester, which is only a short train ride away for me and a very picturesque Tudor town. I’m on a few panels and also doing a reading over the weekend. Here’s my schedule:


Friday 9pm – Dungeons and Disorderly Module B2: The Sheep on the Borderlands Eliza Chan, Anna Smith Spark, Helen Armfield, Philip James Lunt, David Tallerman, Ed Fortune, Dave Moore, Nate Crowley

Laughed so loud at this panel last year which was a mash-up of RPGing, improv and audience participation. You know you’ve found your crowd when everyone gets the geekiest of all jokes. Not sure how my improv skills will stand up *gulp* but it just looked like so I couldn’t resist but volunteer myself as tribute. 😛


Our all singing, all dancing (okay fine, maybe just Hamilton quoting) look at diversity, cultural appropriation and own voices. Mainly I will be backing vocals singing, “looking around, looking around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”


Saturday 8pm ‐ Readings: Fantasy Eliza Chan, Mike Chinn, James Everington

Obligatory reading slot! Will be reading from one of the two short stories I’ve written this year (the book draft is in no fit state to be seen yet). I haven’t decided which yet. So prepare for angsty teen with a dragon-sized chip on her shoulder or Chinese paddyfields in spring. Maybe even a mash-up of the two (no, that really isn’t a good idea).


Sunday 12 Noon – Fantastic Inspiration Paul StJohn Mackintosh, Catriona Ward, Susie Williamson, Eliza Chan, Ritchie Valentine Smith, Tasha Suri

Non-western world-building, travelling, research blackholes and the national treasure that is David Attenborough. These are the things I was hoping to talk about but who knows about the rest of the panel!

Hopefully will also have plenty of time to catch up with people, barcon and get re-invigorated for writing the novel. Come say hi if you are going, I get egregiously shy in large crowds but am very chatty in small groups, especially if you open with childhood books and cartoons, cosplay, boardgaming, anime and eating.

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