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Fantasycon 2019 in "Glasgow"

Dom Rowney, Jeannette Ng, Tasha Suri, Eliza Chan and Devin Martin at the British Fantasy Award ceremony

This weekend I went to my third British Fantasycon in Clydebank near Glasgow. Clydebank was where my family use to go shopping or to the cinema before we were deemed old enough to go into Glasgow with friends. One of my first summer jobs was working in the Greggs in Clydebank (I remember when sausage rolls were 2 for 40p!). Thus it was very strange to have a collision of the mundane childhood memories with the plethora of fantasy and horror authors who descended on the confused locals.

Mike Brooks, Jon Oliver, Steward Hotson, Ali Nouraei, David Tallerman and Dom Rowney. (not pictured David Thomas Moore, DM extraordinaire)

I was a little panel fatigued after Worldcon so didn't volunteer for any, but it was good to sit in the audience and absorb interesting ideas and perspectives. Dungeons and Disorderly was, as always, silly fun. And I did participate in one event, the Pseudopod Live show alongside Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner, reading Effie Seiberg's brilliant flash " In Regards to Your Concerns About Your ScareBnB Experience " (which is as fun and silly as it sounds). It should be out over the Halloween period so keep a look out for it! Mostly though, I passed the time chatting with people at great length on everything from MMA to LARPing with smatterings of pestilence romance (a real thing ), cats for world domination and topolects . Time flies passed so quickly when you are talking nonsense with old and new friends.

Best punk face! Mike Brooks and Eliza Chan

At the British Fantasy Award ceremony on Sunday, the nominees and winners once again did their best to reduce me to tears which started early with Jeannette Ng handing the mantle of Best Newcomer over to Tasha Suri. It then continued with all of the heartfelt outpouring of love from the other winners including Priya Sharma, the Breaking the Glass Slipper trio and Ruth E.J. Booth amongst others. I had the nerve-wracking honour of reading G.V. Anderson's speech as she wasn't present and a bit of fun afterwards with her trusting me not to run off with the trophy. ;)

Ransom note reads "1 million pounds cash or the award gets it"
A ransom note for G.V. Anderson's Best Short Fiction award for "Down Where Sound Comes Blunt"

All in all, I highly recommend British Fantasycon. It is the most welcoming con I've been to, even as learn more and more about this dysfunctional sprawling genre family. People are generous with their introductions, with their time, with their recommendations. The imposter syndrome fear will always be there but I never felt unwelcome. Can't wait for Sheffield 2020.

I don't have any other cons planned this year. I will be going to Thought Bubble in Harrogate in November but that's for pure cosplay and fangirling purposes. Other than that, my head will be down and novel redraft full speed ahead so that I have something that's more presentable by next year. Where does the time go?

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