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Confusion 2021

Just a note to say I'll be making a brief appearance at this year's virtual Eastercon Confusion 2021 on Sunday 4th April. Tickets are available online.

Jin Yong: Works and Place in Chinese Literature
18.00 British Summer Time
Zen Cho, Fonda Lee, Eliza Chan, Gigi Chang Jin Yong 查良鏞 (1924-2018) was Hong Kong’s most famous novelist and an international bestseller in the wuxia 金庸 genre. His books have been translated into multiple languages and turned into movies, tv series and graphic novels and inspired several generations of writers. Our panel discuss his works, his influence and his legacy.

I was asked to moderate this panel and I nearly fell off my seat when I saw the panelists names. Only the actual translator of Legend of the Condor Heroes, the queen of modern martial arts fantasy novels (on my honour, my jade, my life) and probably the best fantasy romance writer of our generation (fight me on this). Can't wait to see where the discussion goes!

20.00 British SummerTime
Mike Brooks, Stewart Hotston, Dave Cartwright, Eliza Chan Noelle Stevenson and her team turned a 1985 series of extended toy adverts into something that has created a new fandom and received critical acclaim, despite still having characters with names like "Netossa", who tosses nets, and "Castaspella", who casts spells. What is it about the characters, themes, storylines and tropes (both fulfilled and subverted) that have made this reboot so popular?

A fun panel about the new She-Ra cartoon which concluded last year. Come to watch me wax lyrical about cartoons, stay for the insightful comments of the other panelists.

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