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Christmas is a-coming!

I know it’s cheesy and commercialised but I love the run up to Christmas. I possibly love it more now than when I was a child because I have free rein (or is it free reign? They both make sense to me) to buy and decorate my place as I please. I think also, living in Japan where people don’t properly understand the spirit of Christmas, has added to that. No offence, people of Japan, I know you have spirit, common decency, love and respect for your families, I just know you don’t associate that with Christmas. Instead they see the department store Christmas, or the Hollywood romance Christmas where couples get together over parties and mistletoe.

I love the run up to Christmas because whilst the day itself is often a let down, boring TV and presents that were more exciting when they were mysteriously wrapped objects, the run up is wonderful. The lovely lights, the mulled wine, the beautiful handmade tree ornaments and gingerbread houses all make me smile. We have our first real tree this year and darn that spiky thing is already shedding needles on our carpet but I wouldn’t swap it for a plastic tree, no sirree.  It is somewhat disconcerting to find a small forest (slight exaggeration) in our living room though.

Christmas is gaudy. Tinsel is to anyone’s mind, tacky. And yet it works. There was one year my sister and I decided to colour coordinate the tree in silver, purple and blue like one of those department store ones and yes, it was lovely but it was a little repressed. I much prefer the ornaments we made when we were young: the star made from a coat hanger and some foil for example.

So embrace your inner child, make the gingerbread house, scoff the advent chocolate and enjoy the decadence. It is, after all, only once a year.

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