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BSFA 2010 Shortlist

The BSFWA shortlist is up here.

Neil Williamson of the GSWFC, whom I would describe as quasi-leader and pusher (motivational not drugs) has been nominated in the short fiction category for his story “Arrhythmia” which you can read free for a limited period on the Music for Another World site.

Incidentally the anthology are having the second leg of their world tour in Glasgow at Universal on Sauchiehall Lane, 10th February from 7.30pm.

And to continue my GSFWC promotional post, courtesy of a great friend, I’m off to the SFX Weekender convention in Rye at the start of February, where Gary Gibson will be appearing alongside Terry Pratchett, George Takei and other geekdom cools. I have to admit, this will only be my second convention after the Worldcon that was held in Glasgow a while back. Half of the reason has been the cost and the other half a slight fear of being engaged in conversation by a stormtrooper. I actually don’t know which intimidates me more: Oxbridge graduates talking literary criticism or SF nerds talking about quantum science. There should be a convention for people who like to dabble in all genres.

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