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British Fantasycon 2017

I’m off to my first British Fantasycon next weekend in Peterborough. I’m in equal parts excited and apprehensive. If you are going, please say hello! I will probably appreciate a break from pretending I know what I’m doing.

Where will I be:

Saturday 8.30pm Mythology, Folktales and Imagination Panel (Althorpe, Panel Room 2) with Iain Grant (mod), James Bennett, Tracey Fahey, James Brogden and Justin Newland. 

Sunday 12 noon -Reading Room reading an excerpt from ‘Datsue-Ba’ a short story which features in the BFA award nominated Asian Monsters. Other writers who will be reading in that time slot are Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Laws and Eric Ian Steele.

I’ll also be at the Banquet and British Fantasy Award ceremony representing the Fox Spirit skulk for Asian Monster (ed. Margret Helgadottir, pub Adele Wearing).

At other times you’ll find me wandering aimless, seeing a few panels, having a drink and buying lots of books.

Happy days.

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