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British Fantasy Awards and Cons

Belated news, but have you heard? Fox Spirit’s Asian Monsters (editor Margret Helgadottir) has been nominated for best anthology in this year’s British Fantasy Awards!  This is very exciting because firstly, I have a story in it, and secondly, I will be going to my first British Fantasy con this year in Peterborough! Fox Spirit has also been nominated for best independent press (which they won in 2015) and I will be cheering on Neil Williamson in the best collection category.

I am a bit apprehensive about the con because unlike the epic Eastercon of 2016, I will not have my Manchester ‘crew’ around me. I’ve also had mixed experiences at other cons previously… I’m one of those odd people that is very good at socialising in small groups but absolutely terribly in huge open spaces. It starts with me viewing the room and everyone seems to know everyone. Friends who only meet at cons talking about the best con of 82 was it, or 87. Arguing the science of Doctor Who and quantum physics. Buying rounds of real ale and standing, everyone loves standing so much! And then I go from occasional interjecting, to nodding, to really desperately convincing myself I need to go to the toilet so I can sit down and hide in the corner.

I’m hoping Fantasycon will be more my scene since that’s what I’ve read most of my life, the sweet syrupy goodness of Anne McCaffrey’s dragons, Mercedes Lackey’s companions and a liveship or two from Robin Hobb. I’ve attempted to sign up for some panels but my mind drew an inevitable blank and I may have suggested something as generic as women and diversity. I’m kicking myself not for suggesting boardgames, crafting and cosplay. Fool is me.

So with over a month to go, I’m hoping Fantasycon looming will give me more motivation to write! And I will be saving up to buy many many many books. 🙂

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