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A bit of craic

Just back from a lovely Easter trip to Northern Ireland and County Donegal. The Causeway Coast was inspirational, especially with the lovely weather we had. AfroKen and I did a bit of a Game of Thrones tour but to be honest it was really just an interesting way to stop off at some of the slightly less well-known scenic spots. Whilst I was really looking forward to the Giant’s Causeway, by the time we got to it, we had seen so much beautiful undiscovered landscape that the coach-loads of tourists did ruin the experience a little. We did attempt to play a game of Settlers of Catan on the rocks just because the shape was so similar.

I much preferred Ballintoy Harbour where we climbed around the rocks and watched the waves crashing and creating rainbows with spray over the rocks.

Some photos can be seen over in the photos page.

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