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2011 Reading round-up

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a restful holiday and have plenty of new year’s resolutions to challenge yourself with. They may not work but I think it’s important to set yourself ambitious goals. Otherwise you’ll just give up before you’ve even started.

Anyway my favourite books and authors that I read in 2011 were:

David Mitchell- “Ghostwritten” both confused and mesmerised me. A difficult read but really worth it. “Number9dream” was trippy. His sojourns in Japan make me believe we are kindred spirits.

David Lodge- a friend introduced me to “Nice Work” and I also read “Deaf Sentence”. His books are witty and appeal to the Arts graduate in me.

China Mieville- I’ve been meaning to get round to reading his stuff for ages but the covers always put me off. Glad I did. “Kraken” reminded me of Neil Gaiman and Jeff VanderMeer but it was also entirely different and refreshing.

Philip K. DIck- I’ve read some of his novels before but I always seem to forget how clever his work is and how much it has influenced modern SF. Hollywood has plundered his novels for decades for ideas. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” kept trying to make me believe everything was a lie and I fell for it time and time again.

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